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Update on the shrimp and snail

Gary the snail seems to be a happy little snail.  He spends most of his time clinging to the side of the bottle. He is a rather quiet fellow. 

Scampi the shrimp died….moment of silence……but coconut the shrimp is doing well. He enjoys spending his days sitting on the moss ball or on top of Gary’s shell.  He does not seem to realize that Gary is not a reliable taxi service.  He also enjoys short bouts of frantic swimming and stuffing his face with fish food.  He supposedly nibbles on the moss ball but he seems to prefer the fish food.  It is interesting to see it move into his stomach.

The grass seeds have sprouted and are growing well.  The soil is very wet though.  Hopefully mold will not start to grow.

I have found some more interesting sites.

An interesting simulation about camoflauge

This one is an art site.  I think it would help the kids a lot with learning to draw in their science notebooks.  Some kids seem frustrated by drawing.

Experiments for sound

What works the best to clean a penny? I think I would skip the ammonia.

Spy writing!! With kinders I would have them write a litter or shape instead of a sentence.

Make a pinball machine



Mini ecosystem

     This week my niece and nephew helped me make a mini ecosystem.  I did not have any 2 liter bottles so I used orange juice bottled instead.  We put glass stones in the bottom, a moss ball, a snail and 2 ghost shrimp.  I named the snail Gary “I know, how original” and the two shrimp Scampi and Coconut. 

Step one: add moss ball


Step 2: Add snail


Step 3: Add shrimp.  I do not have a picture of this.  They were a little tricky to add since one wanted to stick to the bag and not go in the water. 

Then in the top bottle we added soil and grass seeds.  Then opening to the top bottle is covered with a piece of cloth held with rubber bands. This prevents the soil from falling into the water below. 


Here’s Gary!


The area that they have to swim around in is too small so I might have to redo this using 2 liter bottles.  The shrimp like to follow Gary around.  Gary likes to hang out on the moss ball and sometimes will slid up the wall.  

Ghost shrimp eat plankton and flake food. Since this is a new “aquarium” I will give them some flake food so I know that they won’t starve.  The snail should be content with the moss ball and the left over fish flakes.