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Desert Spiders and other creepy critters

     I know some of my boys will love learning spiders. The creepier the better.  Here are some pictures of desert spiders

Desert Tarantula

Photo © by Bob Kolbert

wolf spider

a wolf spider, Arctosa, from the Sonoran Desert photo © by Mike Plagens

crab spider

Photo © by Mike Plagens

jumping spider

Phidippus californicus photo © by Laurie Nessel


Let’s not forget the scorpions

Photo © by Marc Borom

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Photo © by Marcus Watson

This site has the pictures and more information about the various critters shown above.

Some questions that you could ask students are;

-how are the spiders and scorpions the same/different?

-What adaptations do they have in order to live in a desert environment?

-Are all of these harmful to humans?

-What animals prey on these spiders.  What do these spiders prey on?

-If one of these spiders or scorpions were in danger of becoming extinct is it worth saving?  Why or why not?