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Christmas gift ideas

Here are some fun gift ideas that are still educational.

I like using small animal models on a map.  The kids are interested to learn what animals live where we live.  They are surprised to learn how many animals they are familiar with live in Africa. I need to get some animal models that are animals from North America.

Arctic animals




Seed identification

Seeds and nuts are fun to find.  My students like to bring them to school and show everyone.  Here are some common seeds/nuts in the area.

Acorns and oak leaves


“helicopters” from maple trees

Sunflower seeds

These make a fun rattling noise

Photo of CLOSED: Seed pod/seeds  - probably acacia... but which???



horse chestnuts


Here is a cool nature site

Plant identification

Here are some plants that I have seen during my walks in the woods.  Some of the plants are native to Wisconsin and some are invasive species.

Nodding thistle

Queen Anne’s lace

Purple Loosestrife



red clover

Common milkweek seeds.  These are really soft and fun to see fly in the wind.  If you open the pod slowly you can see the seeds arranged in a spiral.

These are easy to find in the fall.  Just go for a walk in the woods and you will end up with some stuck to you.  I use these in lessons to show the students where the idea of Velcro came from.

wild cucumber

Puffball mushroom.  These are pretty cool.  They can get to be the size of a soccer ball.

Apple science

     We are going to the apple barn tomorrow to pick apples!  We also get to sample apples, cider and my favorite, apple doughnuts!









We have been doing apple science all week. We weighed apples, measured how tall they were, made a graph of the most popular ones, made apple prints (with the inedible apples from my apple tree) read many books on the life cycle of apple trees, painted trees in the different seasons and watched videos about apples. We learned the difference between apple juice and apple cider and how both are made.

We made mini books about apples using the color words red, green and yellow.  The book goes like this:  Apples can be red.  Apples can be green.  I won’t give away the ending. The purpose was to read independently.

Today we made apple sauce and looked at apples that had been set out with and without lemon juice and compared them. We talked about how making apples into sauce was an “irreversable change” thanks Sid the Science kid. Apples can be made into sauce but the sauce cannot be made back into apples. Hopefully we will watch the Sid Episode about this tomorrow. We also talked about how heat changes things.  The apples were crunchy in the beginning and mushy after being cooked. They also changed color.

I was so busy with everything that I forgot to take pictures.  One of the days we put apples in the water table and noticed how they floated. We read a book about how chlorophyll covers up the leaves actual color and makes them look green. In the fall the chlorophyll fades and you can see the leaves true color.

Tomorrow we are going to plant apple seeds to see if they will grow. We might make a chart with some of the words we learned about apples.  Crunchy, mushy, core, stem, seeds, life cycle, float, sink, peel, skin, oxidation, chlorophyll. Lots of good vocabulary.

Hands on science

Will it slide experiment.  I got this from the icanteachmychild site.

I like this absorb or repel water experiment.

absorb or repel themeasuredmom 590x442 Water Math & Science Activities for Kids Ages 3 6

What happens when different things soak in water? Found on the same page as the previous experiment.

soaking in water 590x442 Water Math & Science Activities for Kids Ages 3 6

Marshmallow science

Color Change Marshmallow Science Experiment (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Here is a fun activity to show the power of wind/air


Nature art

Making a spool car.  I remember making these when I was little.

Natural colors

This was going to be a quick post about an experiment that I saw.  Then that page led me to another experiment that looked interesting and that led me to another site………

Go outside!

I found an interesting site with ideas to use to get kids interacting nature.  ,This site has ideas on how to get kids to appreciate nature.  Actually, I think that kids already appreciate nature, it is the adults in their world that do not allow them the opportunity to be in nature. What kid does not love to play with rocks and sticks?

There are lots of great ideas to use with kids on the small wonders blog. Some ideas are more fit for use at home rather than at school.  Anything that gets kids playing outside is a good idea.

The Green Hearts site also has great ideas on nature play.

This site has tons of information about science from early childhood to college. I kept reading articles and then clicking on related articles.  The lesson pictured is about using tools to move water. What a fun and simple hands on experience. This could lead to rich vocabulary lesson about volume, more, less, efficient, predict or practical.  They could also add tubes to the lesson on a different day to discover how different sized tubes move water.  Then find tubes in the house or school that move water.

Did you know that there is even an international Mud day!!  I need to look more into this.

Science and art collide-no one was hurt

This site has lots of cool art ideas. I like the spine model from the crafty classroom.

anatomy art projects for kids

Easy Art Projects: Puffy Cloud Paintings •

There are lots of fun nature ideas on this site.

I am not sure if there is enough time in the world to try all these cool ideas.  I better get going on some science art.