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More ideas I want to try

This is from a site for older students but this idea we could do as a class.

Zip line racers.  I think I would make the frame for the racer and the students could experiment with different sizes of rubberbands.

Marble roller coaster


Very cool water wheel.  I might modify it by using bottle caps instead of egg cartons so it lasts longer.  We could build both and discuss the pros and cons of the different designs.

Backyard Water Wheel

Here is another water wheel design

These look like so much fun!

Boat designs.  Again I would make different designs (since it involves using an exacto knife or box cutter) and have the students test them.

Aerodynamics Science Project full boat assembly

This might be an interesting project to do.  We would make a model of our school using cardboard.


Hands on science

Will it slide experiment.  I got this from the icanteachmychild site.

I like this absorb or repel water experiment.

absorb or repel themeasuredmom 590x442 Water Math & Science Activities for Kids Ages 3 6

What happens when different things soak in water? Found on the same page as the previous experiment.

soaking in water 590x442 Water Math & Science Activities for Kids Ages 3 6

Marshmallow science

Color Change Marshmallow Science Experiment (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Here is a fun activity to show the power of wind/air


Nature art

Making a spool car.  I remember making these when I was little.

Natural colors

This was going to be a quick post about an experiment that I saw.  Then that page led me to another experiment that looked interesting and that led me to another site………

Free science games online

Here are some free science games that I like.  Since the computer does not read the words to you I might do the games as a whole group.  For students who can read these would be great independent work.

Food chain


Plants and animals

Parts of a plant

Motion and resistance

Earth Moon and Sun

Friction- this would be fun to play and then try making a model of their car track to experiment with



Here is a list of the topics covered on this site.  It includes games, quizzes, video and experiments to try.

My latest creations

Today I was busy with creating more goodies for my science centers.  These are sensory cards.  So far I have made the colors, (I forgot to put green in the picture) some of the shapes and a few other categories.  I am hoping to add other categories like hard/soft, rough/smooth, birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, fabric, plants……I could go on forever thinking up new categories.  I made the cards with cardboard and random items that I had around the house. It was a great way to use up bottle caps, marker caps, twist ties, rubber bands etc.  I might have this as a lesson for the kids to create their own cards to take home.  It is a good lesson on recycling too.



This next experiment was a little tricky.  I made some crystals with alum and water.  I am not sure if I got the ratio wrong or the water was not hot enough.  Anyway, the crystals are cool.  I would need to figure out where I went wrong before we would do this in class. The bigger one is about an inch and a half.


I read about putting Ivory soap in the microwave and having it expand and turn into cool shapes. I had to try it. It expands to cover the plate. It shrinks a bit when you take it out of the microwave.  I probably could have made it even bigger but I didn’t want it to burn. If you try this only use IVORY soap. It was fun but not a school activity.  I will try this with my niece and nephew though.



The last two are mini marble mazes that I made from recycled materials. The little butterfly picture is a “bumper” made from one of those plastic pull tabs from a juice container.  The marbles bounce pretty well off of them.  The second one has a little hoop in the top left corner and you go through it before you reach the hole. Another fun and creative activity.