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Other great science idea sites

Here is a great building activity.  It is from I even want to try it building something myself right now.  I can see kids of any age enjoying this.

Gum drop engineering to build STEM skills - post has great tips on extending the activity too

This geography lesson seems like fun. It will also teach me some new geography words.

Fun use of swizzle sticks.  These would also be great for patterning, measuring, counting etc.

Here is a great King Tut unit that I know that kids would really get into.

I really want to try this pineapple growing project!

Grow a windowsill garden with your kids  using food scraps (with a free printable)

Salt painting looks fun!

Salt Painting

This lego math game looks fun.  I am an adult (chronologically) and I still love legos!

Frozen water beads!

I have tried to correctly given credit to everyone and links to their projects and blogs. If I have made a mistake please let me know and I will make the necessary correction.