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Math and Science

Here are some fun math and science ideas. This is a great way to work on the concepts of more, less, how many, how many more than etc. Oh, and it is fun too. The instructions for the game are on the blog.

static play

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The key and lock activity has various skills to work on.  The kids could look at different kinds of locks to see how they work.

Math and Science Activities with Keys

This activity I would use small numbers for kindergarten.  This could also be done with the alphabet.  What letter is after t.  I would also glue a picture on the back and cut along the sticks.  That way when they are finished they can turn the sticks over to self check.  If the picture is in the right order then they are correct!

This game is so fun.  The kids love trying to make the tallest or shortest person.  They also like mixing up the body parts like putting the tutu on the police officer.

Early math and science game.

Here are some fun math and science activities with cars!  I know that some of my students like to sort cars by vans, trucks, cars, tractors etc. They get really specific sometimes.

Preschool Math Ideas with Toy Vehicles the measured mom055 590x590 8 Preschool Math Ideas    using toy vehicles!

Super cute!

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Stamping with Dice



Balloons, bottles and blocks

Make your own barometer.  I am interested to see how well this works. I got the idea from


This next one demonstrates air pressure and the fact that hot air takes up less space than cold.  The bottle has hot water.  Place a balloon over the top and put in a bowl of ice water.  I got the idea from





This demonstrates density.  Fill a bottle with water.  Add a thin later of oil.  Add a few drops of food coloring.  Sprinkle with salt. The salt is more dense than the oil so is moves through it carrying the color and a drop of oil with it.  The oil bobs back up to the top. I got this idea from




This year I am planning on having the kids make blocks from milk cartons.  We will stuff them with paper from the recycle bin.  Since we have about 20 kids and drink milk every day we will end up with a lot of blocks!