This site all about kindergarten science.


Last week we were focusing on the Savannah.  We discussed what makes a Savannah different than a forest, polar area and desert.  We read about various animals that live on the Savannah.  We made a big 3D savannah on paper and added animals to it.  The kids could have the animals hide in the paper grass or drink from the water holes.  They were surprised at how many big animals live in such a dry area.  I have been using the posters from oriental trading about the various habitats.

These would also be a good addition.


This week we are focusing on desert animals.  We made a book about desert animals.  I have a box with sand, plastic scorpions, spiders, sand crabs, camels, ostriches and even pyramids.  I was looking for little plastic cacti but have not gotten any.

I love the Toob animals.  They are very realistic and the perfect size for a water/sand table.

We sorted animals by habitat, number of legs, carnivore/herbivore, mammal/reptile/bird, there are lots of ways to sort them. I have also used pictures from nature calendars to use for sorting or for decorating the room.


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