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Polar animals

     I have been busy with teaching and have not taken the time to add to my blog.  Here are some things that we have been up to this year. 

We have been studying polar animals.  We made a “blubber bag”  by putting crisco in a sandwich bag and then putting another sandwich bag inside of it.  I taped the edges so the crisco did not come out.  Then the kids put one bare hand in melted snow and then put one hand in the blubber bag and then put that hand in the melted snow.  They were surprised that the bag of fat kept their hand from feeling the cold water.  The pictures that I took did not turn our. I am using a picture from another site

I also wanted to make a bag with feathers and have them compare the two different bags. This is a great illustration for how insulation works. When we were finished with the blubber bags I mixed some bird seed with the crisco and set them outside.  The birds love me!

In the science area I put some styrafoam blocks and little penguins, walruses and seals for them to play with.  In the sensory table there are packing peanuts, a scale, little shovels and penguins.  They were surprised to find that you could fill the bucket on one side of the scale with the styrafoam and the scale did not move. 

Later we are going to investigate styrafoam peanuts and the packing peanuts that melt in water. (I think they are made from corn) This will introduce the idea of biodegradable.  Then we will come up with an idea to use the styrafoam peanuts. Since they have been played with in the sensory table many of them are broken and not usable for shipping.  I am thinking of putting them in a plastic bag and then making a cover for it.  It will be a small pillow for the reading area. They can help me make the pillow. 

We have also been learning about where these animals live.  I taped the pictures of the animals to the globe.  They got the idea that penguins never see polar bears.  Books that show these two animals together must be fiction.

Here are some other fun science ideas that I have found that I would like to try.

Blowing bubbles when it is close to 0 degrees

Frozen Bubbles - SubZero Science - Steve Spangler Science

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool. I think the best part is the “Snowman Science” observation sheet where the kids draw a before and after picture. :)



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  1. Looking for directions for snowman in a bag?

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