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Christmas gift ideas

Here are some fun gift ideas that are still educational.

I like using small animal models on a map.  The kids are interested to learn what animals live where we live.  They are surprised to learn how many animals they are familiar with live in Africa. I need to get some animal models that are animals from North America.

Arctic animals




Seed identification

Seeds and nuts are fun to find.  My students like to bring them to school and show everyone.  Here are some common seeds/nuts in the area.

Acorns and oak leaves


“helicopters” from maple trees

Sunflower seeds

These make a fun rattling noise

Photo of CLOSED: Seed pod/seeds  - probably acacia... but which???



horse chestnuts


Here is a cool nature site

Plant identification

Here are some plants that I have seen during my walks in the woods.  Some of the plants are native to Wisconsin and some are invasive species.

Nodding thistle

Queen Anne’s lace

Purple Loosestrife



red clover

Common milkweek seeds.  These are really soft and fun to see fly in the wind.  If you open the pod slowly you can see the seeds arranged in a spiral.

These are easy to find in the fall.  Just go for a walk in the woods and you will end up with some stuck to you.  I use these in lessons to show the students where the idea of Velcro came from.

wild cucumber

Puffball mushroom.  These are pretty cool.  They can get to be the size of a soccer ball.

Learning with nature

Cut out squirrels from paper and color. Attach to the side of cups like above. Place the amount of acorns in the cup that is on the squirrels belly.

Acorn Venn Diagram

Mixing Nature Walks with Early Math.