This site all about kindergarten science.

Apple science

     We are going to the apple barn tomorrow to pick apples!  We also get to sample apples, cider and my favorite, apple doughnuts!









We have been doing apple science all week. We weighed apples, measured how tall they were, made a graph of the most popular ones, made apple prints (with the inedible apples from my apple tree) read many books on the life cycle of apple trees, painted trees in the different seasons and watched videos about apples. We learned the difference between apple juice and apple cider and how both are made.

We made mini books about apples using the color words red, green and yellow.  The book goes like this:  Apples can be red.  Apples can be green.  I won’t give away the ending. The purpose was to read independently.

Today we made apple sauce and looked at apples that had been set out with and without lemon juice and compared them. We talked about how making apples into sauce was an “irreversable change” thanks Sid the Science kid. Apples can be made into sauce but the sauce cannot be made back into apples. Hopefully we will watch the Sid Episode about this tomorrow. We also talked about how heat changes things.  The apples were crunchy in the beginning and mushy after being cooked. They also changed color.

I was so busy with everything that I forgot to take pictures.  One of the days we put apples in the water table and noticed how they floated. We read a book about how chlorophyll covers up the leaves actual color and makes them look green. In the fall the chlorophyll fades and you can see the leaves true color.

Tomorrow we are going to plant apple seeds to see if they will grow. We might make a chart with some of the words we learned about apples.  Crunchy, mushy, core, stem, seeds, life cycle, float, sink, peel, skin, oxidation, chlorophyll. Lots of good vocabulary.

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