This site all about kindergarten science.

Go outside!

I found an interesting site with ideas to use to get kids interacting nature.  ,This site has ideas on how to get kids to appreciate nature.  Actually, I think that kids already appreciate nature, it is the adults in their world that do not allow them the opportunity to be in nature. What kid does not love to play with rocks and sticks?

There are lots of great ideas to use with kids on the small wonders blog. Some ideas are more fit for use at home rather than at school.  Anything that gets kids playing outside is a good idea.

The Green Hearts site also has great ideas on nature play.

This site has tons of information about science from early childhood to college. I kept reading articles and then clicking on related articles.  The lesson pictured is about using tools to move water. What a fun and simple hands on experience. This could lead to rich vocabulary lesson about volume, more, less, efficient, predict or practical.  They could also add tubes to the lesson on a different day to discover how different sized tubes move water.  Then find tubes in the house or school that move water.

Did you know that there is even an international Mud day!!  I need to look more into this.


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