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Sometimes science makes me laugh

Here are come cool science related finds that are on etsy.

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District policy

    We have a district policy that states “no animals in the classroom”. I am going to talk to the superintendent about this. We hatch eggs in the spring and hatch butterfly eggs. I am hoping to have a bowl of fish.  They do not make noise, don’t bite, people are not allergic to them and if they run away we need to check what is in the water. I am going to look into a virtual pet.

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Math and Science

Here are some fun math and science ideas. This is a great way to work on the concepts of more, less, how many, how many more than etc. Oh, and it is fun too. The instructions for the game are on the blog.

static play

STEMbites: Your home for bite-size math and science lessons from everyday life.

The key and lock activity has various skills to work on.  The kids could look at different kinds of locks to see how they work.

Math and Science Activities with Keys

This activity I would use small numbers for kindergarten.  This could also be done with the alphabet.  What letter is after t.  I would also glue a picture on the back and cut along the sticks.  That way when they are finished they can turn the sticks over to self check.  If the picture is in the right order then they are correct!

This game is so fun.  The kids love trying to make the tallest or shortest person.  They also like mixing up the body parts like putting the tutu on the police officer.

Early math and science game.

Here are some fun math and science activities with cars!  I know that some of my students like to sort cars by vans, trucks, cars, tractors etc. They get really specific sometimes.

Preschool Math Ideas with Toy Vehicles the measured mom055 590x590 8 Preschool Math Ideas    using toy vehicles!

Super cute!

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Stamping with Dice


Where were these toys when I was little?

Update on the shrimp and snail

Gary the snail seems to be a happy little snail.  He spends most of his time clinging to the side of the bottle. He is a rather quiet fellow. 

Scampi the shrimp died….moment of silence……but coconut the shrimp is doing well. He enjoys spending his days sitting on the moss ball or on top of Gary’s shell.  He does not seem to realize that Gary is not a reliable taxi service.  He also enjoys short bouts of frantic swimming and stuffing his face with fish food.  He supposedly nibbles on the moss ball but he seems to prefer the fish food.  It is interesting to see it move into his stomach.

The grass seeds have sprouted and are growing well.  The soil is very wet though.  Hopefully mold will not start to grow.

I have found some more interesting sites.

An interesting simulation about camoflauge

This one is an art site.  I think it would help the kids a lot with learning to draw in their science notebooks.  Some kids seem frustrated by drawing.

Experiments for sound

What works the best to clean a penny? I think I would skip the ammonia.

Spy writing!! With kinders I would have them write a litter or shape instead of a sentence.

Make a pinball machine


More ideas I want to try

This is from a site for older students but this idea we could do as a class.

Zip line racers.  I think I would make the frame for the racer and the students could experiment with different sizes of rubberbands.

Marble roller coaster


Very cool water wheel.  I might modify it by using bottle caps instead of egg cartons so it lasts longer.  We could build both and discuss the pros and cons of the different designs.

Backyard Water Wheel

Here is another water wheel design

These look like so much fun!

Boat designs.  Again I would make different designs (since it involves using an exacto knife or box cutter) and have the students test them.

Aerodynamics Science Project full boat assembly

This might be an interesting project to do.  We would make a model of our school using cardboard.

Hands on science

Will it slide experiment.  I got this from the icanteachmychild site.

I like this absorb or repel water experiment.

absorb or repel themeasuredmom 590x442 Water Math & Science Activities for Kids Ages 3 6

What happens when different things soak in water? Found on the same page as the previous experiment.

soaking in water 590x442 Water Math & Science Activities for Kids Ages 3 6

Marshmallow science

Color Change Marshmallow Science Experiment (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Here is a fun activity to show the power of wind/air


Nature art

Making a spool car.  I remember making these when I was little.

Natural colors

This was going to be a quick post about an experiment that I saw.  Then that page led me to another experiment that looked interesting and that led me to another site………