This site all about kindergarten science.


      Here is my latest favorite science book.  It covers many different animals and their adaptations.  The pictures are great!  This leads to several weeks of study of different animals, animal classification, habitat, camouflage, comparing our bodies to animal bodies etc.  The kids can play with suction cups to get the idea of how a gecko uses its feet, they can use tweezers, tongs and clothes pins to get an idea of different bird beaks. We discussed how it would be different if we had ears like elephants or legs like a giraffe. 

     This is another fun book.  It gets the kids to understand what foods grow above and below the ground.  They are amazed to find out where foods come from. It is also a great lesson on not being lazy and doing your work for yourself.

     Pretty much any of the National Geographic kids books are good.  They have levels so you can choose books for your students to read independently.  I often use them for students to “research” different animals.  They do not need to be able to read all the words to tell me what they learned about the animal’s habitat, food, babies, color etc.  They often point out things in the pictures that I have not noticed. 


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