This site all about kindergarten science.

More science books

     This is a book that I use all school year.  It has great pictures and a few facts about each animal.  The layout is not overwhelming. We discuss if the animal is mammal, reptile etc. Then we find on the map where the animal lives.   Then we use the measurements in the book and show how tall the animal is compared to a kindergartener.

Other books in that series are;


     Pebble books is another company that I love for science books. There is also a site that you can subscribe to called pebblego.  It is a website that we use almost daily.  It has pictures of the animals and their babies, a short description, the sound they make, where they live and a video clip. The kids love it!  Some books by Pebble are

     These images are taken from the amazon page.  Pebble has dozens of books.  Pretty much any plant or animal that you would cover in kindergarten. They even have a book about the platypus and another about wombats!  Gotta love it.




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