This site all about kindergarten science.

More science stuff

     Today I found a birds nest on the ground in a field near our house.  It must have blown down in a recent storm.  It is amazing that a bird can build this using just their beaks and feet. 


     While I was out I collected two jars of pond water.  I did not take a picture because you cannot see much.  With a magnifying glass you can see tiny little creatures in the water.  There are a few little snails.  Tomorrow I am going to look at some pond water under the microscope.

     This next experiment involves a bottle, banana and a balloon.  The question was can you blow up a balloon with a banana.  The experiment called for a mashed banana.  I did not want to waste a banana so I tried using the peel.  So far it has not done much. This picture was taken after about 6 hours.  


     If it works I want to try other things to blow up balloons. I know that vinegar and baking soda will work.  Maybe I could try hot water, diet coke and menthos, hmmmm.  This could get interesting.

     Here are some plants that I have been attempting to grow. Of the 6 that I planted 2 have sprouted. The one on the left is a cactus and the one on the right is a pine tree.  Now, let’s see if I can keep them alive.




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