This site all about kindergarten science.


      Unfold a sheet of newspaper and put a ruler under it.  Have about 3 inches of the ruler sticking out over the edge of the table.  Hit the end of the ruler.  What happens to the paper? 


     Now fold up the newspaper and try it again.  Why is there a difference?  The paper is held down by air pressure.  More surface area= more pressure   Who doesn’t love flinging things around.  How small can you make the paper and how far can you get it to fly?


     Punch 4 holes in the side near the bottom of a can of soda.  I used a nail.  Turn the nail to the side before pulling it out to angle the hole.  Turn the tab up and attach a string.  Fill with water and watch the can spin by the force of the water pressure.  Try making one with more holes.  Is there a difference? How about if you have few holes that are larger?


Here is the bottom of the same car.



     These are some examples of cars that we will make.  I will prepunch holes in the wheels.  The axles were straws and pipe cleaners.  Not the best materials.  I think I might look for some sticks to use.  Of course the kids can take time to decorate them and make some passengers for their cars. Once everyone has made a car it is time to test them out on ramps!



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