This site all about kindergarten science.

Sensory bottles

Here are the first of many sensory bottles that I have made.  Image

The green jar has water, oil and buttons. Some of the buttons float on the oil and some sink.  If you shake up the bottle you can watch the layers seperate out again.


The orange bottle has wood, plastic and glass beads.  Again it is a sink and float bottle.


The green and white bottle has water, green coloring and soap bubbles.  It is fun to see the green water turn into white bubbles. I got the coloring from an old green marker that had dried out.


The next is a glitter and sequin bottle.


Then we have a magnet bottle with short pieces of pipe cleaner.


The last one is a jelly fish bottle.  I had a hard time taking a picture of it. It is a small piece of plastic that is tied so that there is a small bubble on top and long tenticles.  When you turn the bottle over the jelly fish floats.


I got the idea from this site.


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