This site all about kindergarten science.

I have been playing with science experiments and collecting “science-y” stuff for my class.  This wasps nest I bought at a bookstore that was going out of business.  I think that the lady behind the counter probably thought that I was nuts.  She said, “I just knocked one of these down from our garage this morning.”


Here is a geode that I broke open.


I have attempted to make geodes with borax but have not been successful.  Here is a bird skull that I found in the yard.  It is a little creepy but interesting.  I love how you can see the tiny bones that make up the beak.  It will be in a jar so they cannot actually touch it.


I also made a geodesic dome from paper.  My cat enjoys it. I might make a mini one to have in the science center.   It was tricky to make so it would not be a project for kinders!



Here is a robin’s egg that I found in my yard.  I have it in a small plastic container with cotton.  I plan to glue the top down so the egg cannot fall out. Last year some of my students did not believe that robin’s eggs were blue. Some were still skeptical after I showed them a picture in a book.  Here is evidence that they are blue!




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